Dr. Bunly Seng


Bunly is an economist and the director of B.N. Consult, a consulting firm based in Cambodia. B.N. Consult is in alliance with BNG Legal. Bunly is a leading member of the Economic & Social research team in Cambodia. He has been a senior lecturer in Financial Economics in several private universities in Phnom Penh.

Bunly holds a Master of Science in Financial Economics from the University of London SOAS-CIEF (UK), and a Degree in Medicine from the University of the Medicine & Odonto-Stomatology in Cambodia. He has multiple Certificates obtained in such programs as: the Asian Development Bank sponsored Project Economic Analysis; the EEPSEA sponsored Environmental Economic Program from the University of Philippines; and the Development Alternative Inc (DAI) sponsored Financial Controllers program in Financial Studies.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Bunly qualified as a medical doctor. He also worked as Chief Financial Controller for the Ministry of Economy & Finance in Cambodia.

Presently Bunly is a senior national consultant working in many public and private projects funded by the ADB, World Bank, as well as private companies and other non-government organizations such as MPDF, CREDO, Oxfam, CRC, CDRI and NGO Forums based in Cambodia. His professional fields include accounting, public finance, economic & social policy making, market research, project appraisal and applied research.

Bunly specializes in Project Finance, Quantitative & Qualitative Studies, and Project Appraisal.