Maritime Law

With regard to Maritime Law, Our professionals stand ready to ensure your ship sailing in Cambodia in compliance with Laws and Regulations.

List of Services:
  • Ship Registration
  • Ship Licensing
  • Ship Litigation

Head of Practice

Mr. Koy Neam, Attorney, Senior Legal Advisor

Mr. Koy Neam is a Senior Legal Advisor at BNG Legal. Mr. Koy is a member of the Bar Association of Kingdom of Cambodia (BAKC). He was elected member for a period of 2 years in the Bar Council governing body of the Cambodia Bar Association. He is currently a labor arbitrator with the Arbitration Council and a commercial arbitrator with the National Commercial Arbitration Center. He teaches company law at the Lawyer Training Center of the BAKC.

Prior to his practicing law, he was a Program Manager of The Asia Foundation for Law Program and also at the United Nations Development Program for the Access to Justice Program. He was a professor at the University of Law and Economics, Royal University of Phnom Penh, and law clinic course at Pannasastra University.

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Mr. Vattanak Visal San, Head of Real Estate Practice Group

Mr. San Vattanak Visal is a Head of Real Estate Practice Group in BNG Legal. Visal holds a Master Degree in International Business Law from University of Paris II in France in cooperation with Royal University of Law and Economics in Cambodia.

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Other Specialists

Dr. Darwin HEM (Naryth HEM), Attorney, Principal Partner

Dr. Darwin HEM (Naryth HEM) is Principal Partner at BNG Legal. Darwin is admitted to practice law in Cambodia, a member of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia (BAKC), an international associate member of the American Bar Association, a member of APAA (Asian Patent Attorneys Association), LAWASIA (The Law Association for Asia and the Pacific); a member of the Working Party on the Accession of Cambodia into the World Trade Organization. He is a licensed Trademark Agent in Cambodia. Also, Darwin sits as an arbitrator at the Cambodian Arbitration Council and is an advisory member for a number of important businesses and professional associations in Cambodia.

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Ms. Chankoulika BO, Senior Legal Advisor

Ms. Chankoulika BO is a Senior Legal Advisor with BNG Legal. Koulika has recently graduated a PhD degree in the area of Education Policy Analysis from Flinders University, Australia. During her PhD study from 2012 to November 2016, she has conducted numerous researches on public policies and education policies in Cambodia and how these policies contribute to the social and economic development. Koulika holds a Master in Labor Law from Lumière Lyon II University, a Pre Master Degree in Private law (Maitrise), a Bachelor Degree of Private Law from Lumière Lyon II University in France and a Bachelor of Law from the Royal University of Law and Economics.

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