Professional Ethics

As legal professionals, BNG Legal’s attorneys, associates and assistants owe their clients the highest level of moral and professional behavior. BNG’s professionals take these ethical duties seriously. BNG’s professionals carefully comply with the Code of Ethics for Lawyers Licensed with the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia. In addition to these local rules, BNG Legal’s foreign counsels also abide by the rules of professional responsibility of the bar associations of which they are members.

I. Confidentiality

The confidentiality of information is central to the lawyer-client relationship. BNG Legal takes every precaution to protect the confidentiality of client information and matters. No employee shall, during or after termination of his or her employment with BNG Legal (except in the proper course of his or her duties or with the client’s written consent), divulge or make use of any secrets, copyrighted material, correspondence, or other confidential information. No employee shall in any way use confidential or otherwise privileged information for financial or personal gain.

Business and financial information about any client may be used or made available to third parties only with prior written consent of the client.

II. Conflicts of Interest

BNG Legal will not undertake any new client in which there is a conflict of interest with an existing client. Any potential conflicts is discussed internally before a new matter is accepted.

III . Complaints

At BNG Legal, our client management philosophy aims to prevent problems before they occur.
We urge clients who have any concerns to raise it with one of the firm’s partners as soon as possible. If need be, the issue can be referred to our internal Complaints Committee, in which a lawyer – uninvolved in your file – will consider the matter and report back to you directly.