Mr. Piseth NOV

legal Associate

Mr. Piseth NOV,is a legal Associate with BNG Legal and an attorney in Cambodia, a member of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia (BACK). Piseth obtained a Master of Law and Development from Melbourne Law School, Australia. He also holds a Bachelor of Law from University of Rule and Economics (Cambodia) and Bachelor in English for Education from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (Cambodia). He also hold a CAPA from the Bar association of Cambodia. Mr. Piseth studied law in Cambodia and Australia under various scholarships.

Beside a formal education, Mr. Piseth have attended various training and workshops both in the countries and oversea and having an in-depth understanding and skills over different issues both nationally and internationally. With an extensive training and education, Mr. Piseth has mastered his knowledge and skill in the fields of land and housing, commercial and business, human rights, environment, labour and employment, arbitration and negotiation, Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSRs), Mekong Domestic laws, and other development issues.

Mr. Piseth NOV has many years of experience with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human rights (UNOHCHR) and local Non-Governmental Organizations. Piseth’s work mainly focused on providing recommendation and analysis of the new draft legislatives in relation to land and housing rights issues in Cambodia. Piseth was also responsible in conducting legal research on different legal projects. He had worked as public litigate lawyer to represent high profile cases relating t on land and housing, environment and natural, resource and criminal cases in the country. Pisethhas providedvarious legal advice and consultation to different people including indigenous group in relation to different issues including land and housing.

Piseth speaks English and Khmer.