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Myanmar is a land of opportunities with
enormous potential for rapid growth and development.

Located at the crossroads between the world’s two most populous nations of China and India, Myanmar reaches deep into Southeast Asia where it also shares borders with Thailand, Laos and Bangladesh.

A natural hub with a low population density and a rich supply of arable lands and natural resources, Myanmar has the potential to become the fastest growing economy in the region and to once again take up its role a Southeast Asian trading center.

The government has actively encouraged foreign investment; and, as the country begins to open there are great opportunities for foreigners to join in this growth. Myanmar is still in the process of developing its basic infrastructure and important areas such as telecommunication, banking, manufacturing, and tourism offer tremendous potential.

Based in Myanmar and offering our clients the very best support

BNG Legal is located in the heart of downtown Yangon in the historic Merchant Street business district just minutes walking distance from the Sule Shangri-La Hotel (formerly Traders Hotel). At BNG, we believe that superior knowledge of local procedure and local people is essential in order to offer our clients the very best support. We differentiate ourselves by coupling a deep understanding of the local business environment with international professionalism and integrity. BNG closely follows developments in all areas of law, business and the financial sector in order to provide our clients with up-to-date information and analysis.

Engaging with the local community

BNG Legal is committed to engaging with local businesses, universities and the Myanmar government. In addition to providing frequent updates through our newsletters and publications, BNG is dedicated to providing lectures, seminars and educational training programs for local people on the ground in Myanmar.

BNG Legal’s pro bono volunteer work in Myanmar has focused on supporting Myanmar’s educational sector. BNG is proud to have arranged the first very first partnership between a US law school and Yangon University Department of Law by creating a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) on Cooperation in Legal Education with the Department of Law of the University of Yangon and the William Mitchell College of Law.

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