Labor Law and NGOs

BNG Legal provides labor law and NGOs law expertise with results-based approaches aiming to balance the performance and growth of businesses and NGOs and their human resource development. We offer numerous legal services to assist businesses and NGOs with their concerns on Cambodian labor and NGOs legislations, legal practices in the workplace and policies for both employers and employees. Collaborating with BNG legal, businesses and NGOs are guaranteed that their organization and functioning are complied with Cambodian laws and regulations.

List of Services:
  • NGOs registration
  • MoU between International Non-governmental Organizations and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International relations
  • Labor registrations
  • Internal labor regulations and code of conducts
  • Labor compliance
  • Due diligence in case of restructuring and take-over of businesses and NGOs
  • Labor outsourcing
  • Employment contracts and significant clauses
  • Work permit, employment card and immigration-related to labor services

Head of Practice

Ms. Chankoulika BO, Senior Legal Advisor

Ms. Chankoulika BO is a Senior Legal Advisor with BNG Legal. Koulika has recently graduated a PhD degree in the area of Education Policy Analysis from Flinders University, Australia. During her PhD study from 2012 to November 2016, she has conducted numerous researches on public policies and education policies in Cambodia and how these policies contribute to the social and economic development. Koulika holds a Master in Labor Law from Lumière Lyon II University, a Pre Master Degree in Private law (Maitrise), a Bachelor Degree of Private Law from Lumière Lyon II University in France and a Bachelor of Law from the Royal University of Law and Economics.

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Other Specialists


Ms. Sok Hun Ngov, Legal Associate

Ms NGOV Sok Hun is a Legal Advisor in Civil & Dispute Resolution Practice Group at BNG Legal. Sok Hun holds a Master of Business Law (LLM) from Lyon 2 University, France. Also holds a Bachelor of Private Law from Lyon 2 University and a Bachelor of Law from the Royal University of Law and Economics under a joint program with Lumière Lyon 2 University in Cambodia.

Prior to joining BNG Legal, Sok Hun interned at Boutboul Law Firm in France. At BNG Legal, she specializes in Civil and Labor Law.

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